Romain Pirotte TBL

Romain Pirotte is a Belgian artist and designer, known for his innovative work in the worlds of art, design, and technology. His unique approach to blending traditional and contemporary techniques has garnered him international recognition and acclaim. With a background in industrial design and a passion for exploring the intersection of art and technology, Pirotte has created a diverse body of work that pushes the boundaries of creative expression.

One of Pirotte’s most notable projects is his TBL series, which stands for “Tableaux Brouillon Lumineux” or “Light Sketch Tables” in English. These illuminated works of art combine elements of sculpture, painting, and technology to create mesmerizing and dynamic pieces that capture the imagination. Each TBL piece features a series of LED lights embedded within a translucent resin panel, which is then mounted on a sleek metal frame. The result is a striking visual display that shifts and changes as the viewer moves around it, creating a sense of movement and depth.

Pirotte’s TBL series has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world, where they have been met with critical acclaim and fascination. The artist’s ability to seamlessly blend traditional artistic techniques with cutting-edge technology has made him a pioneer in the world of contemporary art and design. His work challenges the viewer to reconsider their perception of light and space, inviting them to engage with the piece in a new and unique way. With his TBL series, Pirotte has solidified his reputation as a visionary artist who continues to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

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