We Want to Help

Are you a new agency that needs to outsource some of your work while you grow?  Maybe you need help with website design or development and you don’t have the staff to fulfill those needs.  You could be getting more projects in the door that your staff can handle.  Let Thinkit Media be your outside help.  We work with many agencies that opt to outsource their SEO, Web Design, Development or Content Marketing to us rather than hiring more staff.  You give us the directives of your client and we’ll perform the work per your requirements.  We work like an extension of your staff.

We can join calls with your clients and act as your own employees, all with anonymity.  This helps give your client the feeling they’re working with a larger company than they actually are, but they receive the same service as if they are.  We will work however you feel makes the most sense.

Hiring new employees is a huge expense and at times you might not need a full-time staff in certain areas.  You can save those large monthly expenses and use us as your “as-needed” employees.

We’re US based and in the Central timezone, so there’s no issues of us working on the other side of the world like most outsourcing companies do where we work while you sleep and sleep while you work.  Communication is always an issue when you outsource from people on the other side of the world.

We work with several agencies that outsource most of their marketing and web design work to us.  It’s been wonderful working relationships for many years and we’d love to add you to our list.